About Using the Software

This section of the help provides step-by-step instructions for working with NVivo.  Use the table of contents on the left to navigate through the required topics.

The mouse icon at the top of the topic indicates that you are reading a topic from the 'Using the Software' section.

In each topic you will find the following buttons:




Using the Software help topics usually direct you to the Main menu for completing tasks. However, there are often 'faster' ways to work—such as; clicking a toolbar button, right-mouse clicking or dragging and dropping. The 'quick way' button describes these alternatives.

This button directs you to Using the Software topics that are related to the current topic.

This button directs you to Working With Your Data topics that are related to the current topic.

Text drop-down  :


In all help topics, detailed information is often accessible from a text drop-down. Click the underlined text to show or hide the information.