Uncoding Selected Content

You can remove coding from selected text, media content or images in a source or node. For example, you can remove coding at community from a selected passage of text.

To uncode selected content:

  1. Open the required source or node—it is displayed in Detail View.

  2. Select the content that you want to uncode.

  3. On the Code menu, click Uncode Selection.

  4. Click At Existing Nodes.

The Select Project Items dialog box is displayed.

  1. On the left, select the folder (Free Nodes, Tree Nodes, Cases or Relationships) containing the nodes you want to uncode. If you want to uncode at all nodes within a folder, click the folder check box—all nodes coding the content are automatically selected.

  1. On the right, select the nodes you want to uncode. Only nodes that code the content are available for selection.  To select all nodes under a parent node, click the Automatically select hierarchy check box.  

You can use the Filter button to limit the display to nodes that match specific criteria—refer to Finding Project Items by Name for more information. Click theSelect All button to automatically select items matching the criteria.

If a required node has a nickname, you can enter it in the Select item from nickname drop-down list and click the Select button.

  1. To uncode items by users, select the required option in the Uncode at field:

  1. Click OK.

Using the Coding Toolbar:

If you have a node or nodes currently selected in the Coding toolbar:

  1. Select the content you want to uncode.

  2. Click the Uncode toolbar button.

          Choose Name                                                         Select existing nodes                                                                   Click to uncode

                            |                                                                                        |                                                                                                   |

Using Coding Stripes:

You can uncode content using coding stripes:

  1. Display coding stripes (View menu).

  2. Right-click on the coding stripe for the node you want to uncode.

  3. Click the Uncode option.


  1. Right-click the content you want to uncode.

  2. Click the Uncode Selection option.


If the nodes you want to uncode are already selected in the Coding toolbar, then you can uncode at these nodes by selecting Code>Uncode Selection>At Current Nodes

When you have a node open in Detail View, you can uncode selected node content  by selecting Code>Uncode Selection>At This Node


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