Range Coding

When coding your sources, you can use range coding to quickly code 'chunks' of content. For example:

Range options will change depending on the type of source you are working on.

You do not need to open a source in order to perform range coding—you can select the source in List View and choose the range coding option. You can also select multiple sources (of the same type) in List View and range code all the selected sources.

To code a source by range:

  1. In List View, select the required source. You can range code multiple sources of the same type—hold down the CTRL key and click to select multiple sources or SHIFT to select a range of sources.


Open the source you want to code—it is displayed in Detail View.

  1. Click the Code menu.

  2. Click the Range Code option.

The Range Code dialog box is displayed.

  1. In the Code drop-down list, select the required options. These options depend on the type of source you are working with.

  2. On the right, enter the required range. You do not enter a range when you choose to code the entire source, audio/video content, transcript, image or log.

  3. In the Code at field, click the Select button.

The Select Project Items dialog box is displayed.

  1. On the left, click the folder for the required nodes. Click the folder check box to code at all nodes in a folder.

  2. On the right, click the check boxes for the required nodes. To select all nodes under a parent node, click the Automatically select hierarchy check box.

You can use the Filter button to limit the display to nodes that match specific criteria. For example, if you want to code at an existing node (but you are having trouble locating it) you can use the filter to find it by name—refer to Finding Project Items by Name for more information. Click theSelect All button to automatically select items matching the criteria.

If a required node has a nickname, you can enter it in the Select item from nickname drop-down list and click the Select button.

  1. Click OK.

  2. Click the Code button.

  3. Click Close.

Range Code toolbar button:

  1. Open the required source or select it in List View.

  2. On the Coding toolbar click the Range Code button:


  1. In List View, right-click on the required source.

  2. Click the Range Code option.

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