In Vivo Coding

You can create a new free node based on selected content—this is called In Vivo coding. The selected text is used as the node name (up to 256 characters).

To create a node In Vivo:

  1. Open the source or node you want to code—it is displayed in Detail View.

  2. Select the text content you want to code.

  3. On the Code menu, click the Code In Vivo option.

A free node is created based on the selected text. If required, you can edit the node name in the Node Properties.

In Vivo toolbar button:

  1. Select the content you want to code.

  2. On the Coding toolbar, click the CodeInVivo button:



  1. Right-click the text you want to code.

  2. Click the CodeIn Vivo option.

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