Auto Code by Paragraph Style

If you have applied paragraph styles consistently in your document sources, you can use them to auto code. This is a quick way to make nodes for each question in an interview or participant in a focus group and code the responses.



Automatically create nodes for questions based on the Heading 1 paragraph style and code all participant's answers at the node.



Do the same for questions based on the Heading 2 style













To code selected sources by paragraph:

  1. In Navigation View, click the folder containing the sources you want to auto code. Click and drag to select multiple consecutive sources or hold down the CTRL key to select non-consecutive sources.

  2. On the Code menu, click Auto Code.

The Auto Code dialog box is displayed.

  1. From the Code by drop-down list, click the Paragraph Style option.

  2. From the Available paragraph styles list, select the required paragraph styles.  To select multiple styles, click and drag or hold down the CTRL key.

  3. Click the right arrow to add the styles to the Select Paragraph Styles list.

A node is created for each paragraph that is formatted in the selected style and the text under the style is coded at the node. The order of the styles in the list determines how they are nested as tree nodes— the first style is the parent of the second and so on.

  1. In the Code at Nodes panel, you can choose to store the created nodes as children of:

An existing node  

A new node  

  1. Click OK.

The selected sources are auto coded. To see the new nodes, click on the Nodes button in Navigation View.

Using the Coding Toolbar:

  1. On the Coding toolbar, click the AutoCode button:



  1. InList View, right-click the required source.

  2. Click the AutoCode option.

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