Auto Code by Paragraph

You can auto code your document sources by paragraph if they are tightly structured—for example, where each paragraph explores a different theme.  NVivo makes a node for each paragraph and uses the paragraph number as the node name.  You can rename the nodes as required.

To auto code sources by paragraph:

  1. In Navigation View, click the folder containing the document sources you want to auto code.

  2. In List View, select the required source. Click and drag to select multiple consecutive sources or hold down the CTRL key to select non-consecutive sources.

  3. On the Code menu, click Auto Code.

The Auto Code dialog box is displayed.

  1. Click the Paragraphs option.

  1. In the Code at Nodes panel, you can choose to store the created paragraph nodes as children of

An existing node  

A new node  

  1. Click OK.

The paragraphs in the selected sources are auto coded to the selected nodes. To see the new nodes, click on the Nodes button in Navigation View.


Where a source has more than 9 paragraphs, nodes are not displayed in numeric order (since node names are sorted alphabetically by default). To display the nodes in numerical order click on the Created column heading.

Using the Coding Toolbar:

  1. On the Coding toolbar, click the AutoCode button:



  1. InList View, right-click the required source.

  2. Click the AutoCode option.

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