About Picture Sources

An NVivo picture source consists of a picture and a log:















You can create new picture sources by:

When you create a new picture source, the log is empty.  You can use the log to record notes about the picture. The notes can relate to the entire picture or a selected region of the picture. For more information, refer to Working with Log Entries.

Do I Need a Log?

No, you can leave the log empty and hide it if required by clicking Log on the View menu.

Coding Pictures

You can code the entire picture source, a selected region of the picture or a log entry.  Click and drag the mouse to select a picture region, a portion of the text or selected rows in log entries. If you code a log entry, then the related region of the picture will be 'shadow' coded and vice versa.  

For more information, refer to Coding an Entire Source or Coding Picture Sources.

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